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7 Amazing Depictions Of Disney Men Without Their Beards

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Ever wondered what "The Little Mermaid's" King Triton character would look like without his impressive beard? Well, now you know. | Annie Erskine

Post-Christmas blues got you down? Here's just the thing to cheer you up: hilarious depictions of some of Disney's leading men -- without their beards.

These amazing drawings -- featuring characters as varied as King Triton from "The Little Mermaid" to Zeus from "Hercules" -- come courtesy of Kentucky-based comic book artist and illustrator Annie Erskine. Her hilarious re-imaginings went viral over the holidays and call to mind the lovably ludicrous drawings of Disney princesses with beards.

You can find more of Erskine's work on her Tumblr and Facebook pages.

  • Merlin, "The Sword in the Stone"
    Annie Erskine
  • Scar, "The Lion King"
    Annie Erskine
  • King Kashekim Nedakh, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"
    Annie Erskine
  • The Emperor of China, "Mulan"
    Annie Erskine
  • King Triton, "The Little Mermaid"
    Annie Erskine
  • Zeus, "Hercules"
    Annie Erskine
  • The Sultan, "Aladdin"
    Annie Erskine

BONUS: Beard fans feeling a little left out? Here are a couple more illustrations by Erskine, re-imagining two famous Disney men with facial hair.

  • Aladdin, "Aladdin"
    Annie Erskine
  • Gaston, "Beauty and the Beast"
    Annie Erskine

(Hat tip, BuzzFeed)

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