12/30/2013 11:41 am ET

You'll Never Know You're In The Middle Of A City At These Quiet Urban Hotels

'Tis the season for travel and chaos.

We've finally found ourselves right in the middle of the busiest travel weeks of the year when getting a good night's rest is laughable and sleeping in your own bed seems like a distant memory. However, we are all far too aware of the importance of a good night's sleep. You can try out some of these tips and tricks to make your dreams come true, or you can take matters into your own hands and book a hotel room that was specifically designed for some sleep.

Getting a good night's rest at a hotel isn't always the easiest, but these five spots promise to provide you the perfect oasis for some seriously solid shut eye.

Here are some of the quietest urban hotels that will make you feel like you're snoozing in the middle of nowhere.

  • InterContinental
    Towering 32 stories above San Francisco, the InterContinental San Francisco is located adjacent to the Moscone Convention Center and to one of the City’s premium shopping centers. It is also within a short stroll of the financial, entertainment, and dining districts. The hotel features 550 guest rooms and 14 suites, each of which have super specifically insulated windows (too technical to get into here) to reduce noise. The whole building is even constructed to reduce noise and sound transmission from floor to floor (carpets and finishings were selected to absorb sound).
  • MileNorth Hotel, Chicago
    MileNorth Hotel
    Magnatite windows provide a noise barrier that both eliminates noise and helps with temperature retention in the summer and heat loss in the winter.
  • W Los Angeles -- Westwood
    The Penthouse 1 at the W Los Angeles – Westwood is super quiet because it is the only two-story room in the hotel (the second-story bedroom sits solo perched above the hotel with views of UCLA and the hills).
  • Marriott
    The hotel’s windows utilize unique soundproofing technology to reduce street noise, earning it a reputation as one of the “quietest hotels downtown."