01/01/2014 12:14 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The 25 Best Soups, In Order

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We've said it before and we'll say it again -- if someone makes you soup, they love you. Plain and simple.

To be clear, aside from a poorly made one, there is no bad soup. Soup, by its very definition, is comforting and nourishing, be it hot or cold, thin or thick, healthful or loaded with cream and bacon. Like we've done with pies, cakes, sandwiches and more, we like to parse out the hierarchy of things, just to see where everyone stands. Below, you'll find what I think are the 25 best soups, in order, presented without comment because they should require no defense. Soup rules. Some soups just rule harder.

(Note: gumbo and other things like it are not on this list. They are stews and should be judged against other stews.)

  • 25 She-Crab
    Rick Lew via Getty Images
  • 24 Black Bean
    Ray Kachatorian via Getty Images
  • 23 Chicken Noodle
    Photography By Alexis Mire via Getty Images
  • 22 Broccoli Cheddar
    Sergey Kashkin via Getty Images
  • 21 Lobster Bisque
    Carl Tremblay via Getty Images
  • 20 Avgolemono
    Bill Boch via Getty Images
  • 19 Borscht
    Elena Zapassky via Getty Images
  • 18 Clam Chowder
    Lauri Patterson via Getty Images
  • 17 Posole (Hominy, Pork and Red Chile)
  • 16 Split Pea
    Robert Linton via Getty Images
  • 15 Lentil
    Joff Lee via Getty Images
  • 14 Wonton
    Roy Hsu via Getty Images
  • 13 White Bean
    Alexandra Grablewski via Getty Images
  • 12 Cream of Mushroom
    Cultura/BRETT STEVENS via Getty Images
  • 11 Vichyssoise
    Dorling Kindersley via Getty Images
  • 10 Gazpacho
    Sarah Gonski via Getty Images
  • 9 Ramen
    Wilfred Y Wong via Getty Images
  • 8 Beef Barley
    sf_foodphoto via Getty Images
  • 7 Tortellini in Brodo
    Giovanni Guarino via Getty Images
  • 6 Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken, Coconut and Galangal)
  • 5 French Onion
    Spencer Gordon via Getty Images
  • 4 Minestrone
    svariophoto via Getty Images
  • 3 Matzoh Ball
    Tetra Images via Getty Images
  • 2 Tomato
    Anthony-Masterson via Getty Images
  • 1 Potato Leek
    David Marsden via Getty Images

If I've skipped your favorite, let us know what it is in the comments!

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