In some ways, living in one of the five boroughs could be considered training for the end of days.

  • 1
    You're already used to the smell of garbage and urine.
    At least we hope that's garbage and urine.
  • 2
    Survivors' quarters wouldn't be much different than your current living situation.
    Living in a cramped, highly demanded space with practical strangers? Check.
  • 3
    Random smoke rising out of the streets is hardly cause for alarm.
    Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.
  • 4
    You're up for standing in long lines to wait for precious foodstuffs...
  • 5
    You live fine without a car, an elevator or laundry facilities at home.
    Here's to 5-floor walk-ups and washing your delicates in the sink!
  • 6
    You're accustomed to spending a lot of time underground.
    Daylight is overrated.
  • 7
    Malevolent overlords are no match for your malevolent landlord.
    At least they won't raise your rent.
  • 8
    You'll fit in with zombies thanks to years of dead-eyed, lifeless staggering.
    A.K.A. your daily commute.
  • 9
    The poison you inhale on an everyday basis will make you impervious to disease.
    And maybe even give you super powers!
  • 10
    You already see unimaginable things on a daily basis.
    Nothing to see here.
  • 11
    What better training for night watch duty than living in "The City That Never Sleeps?"
    The 24-hour delis will outlast us all.
  • 12
    You're already used to surviving with barely a dollar to your name.
    We'll have whatever he's having (because we're broke).
  • 13
    One of your city's most cherished decorations is already just a big-ass tree.
    Done and done.
  • 14
    You're totally cool with growing food on your fire escape for nourishment.
    Hey, in NYC, every inch of outdoor space counts.
  • 15
    Your city's tallest man has already been chosen to lead.
    That's how post-apocalyptic elections would work, right?
  • 16
    Most of your city's signature dishes can be prepared in a cart.
    Hot dogs, pretzels and street meat forever!
  • 17
    And finally, when it's just us and the cockroaches left, you'll be prepared
    This is what we've been training for!

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