'Hide The Midget' Is A Real Trick Play Run By Some Big Guys (VIDEO)

01/06/2014 07:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

This trick play gives new meaning to the term "offensive line."

"Offensive" not because it's performed by a football team's offense (though it is), but because its name, "hide the midget," lacks a certain sensitivity. Still, the play was executed to perfection by Arkansas State during Sunday's GoDaddy Bowl contest against Ball State.

How does it work? The intended ball-carrier crouches down behind the offensive line, while the defense is distracted with a fake handoff. After the defense has been suitably dispersed, the real ball-carrier -- in this case, a receiver named R.J. Fleming -- rises up and sprints downfield. In this case, for a gain of 27 yards.

CollegeSpun notes that ESPN later redubbed the play as the less offensive "hide the little person."

Arkansas State ended up beating Ball State 23-20.

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