01/08/2014 08:56 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The 15 Craziest Sandwiches Our Readers Have Made

Flickr: Lucius Kwok

There are a lot of great things you can make with two pieces of bread. Grilled cheese, BLTs, clubs, the sandwich possibilities are endless (and amazing).

We'll never get tired of these classic sandwiches. But we're also into the not-so-classic combinations, like the peanut butter and pickle sandwich. We thought we were weird when we suggested you guys try them (they're surprisingly good!), but it turns out that our sense of sandwich adventure is pretty tame compared to what our readers have come up with. When we asked what the craziest sandwich our readers liked, you guys did not disappoint. Some of these we can't wait to try, others we hope we never have to, and then there's the peanut butter and mayo sandwich that we wish would just go away forever.

One thing's certain when it comes to sandwiches though, peanut butter sure does get around.

  • PB And Doritos
    @jennieborgel says "my boyfriend eats PB and Doritos sandwiches... #yuck."
  • Ketchup And Mustard, That's It
    @gwenstyles says"Ketchup and mustard sandwiches. That's it - just ketchup and mustard."
  • Peanut Butter And Bologna
    Joe La Cruise says "my dad had peanut butter n bologna, gross!"
  • Nutella And Bacon
    Flickr: shawnzam
    @Mini_T_Max says "Nutella and bacon on toasted white bread."
  • Marmite, Peanut Butter, Cream Spread And Chips
    @randomshenans says "marmite, peanut butter, cream spread and crisps. #boom"
  • Peanut Butter And Mayo
    Cyndi Loo Dee Evans says "My husband when I first married him [liked] peanut butter and mayo! Yuck!"
  • Avocado And Honey
    Flickr: Southern Fairytale (Rachel)
    @CorreiaTony says "Sweet sandwich... Bread + avocado + sugar or honey."
  • Molasses And Corn Chex
    Tamaralynn Newman says "Molasses with Corn Chex...yep, I know...don't ask, lol lol!"
  • Lettuce, Tomato And Peanut Butter
    Flickr: kerryj.com and Flickr: kerryj.com
    Cassandra A Cranmer says "Lettuce, tomato, and peanut butter."
  • Olives And Horseradish
    Robin Lee Trimble Smith says "olives with horseradish sandwich, yummy. love olives."
  • Peanut Butter And Cheese
    @4Hensandrooster says "When she was in preschool, my 12 year old would ONLY eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Every. Single. Day."
  • Banana, Chocolate Spread, With Salt & Vinegar Chips
    @serenareay says "banana, chocolate spread, salt&vinegar crisps yum!"
  • Spaghetti Sandwich
    Flickr: avatar-1
    Connie Price E says "As a kid I liked a spaghetti sandwich."
  • White Onion And Margarine
    Flickr: michelle@TNS
    @_cimmy_ says "Sigh. White onion and margarine (Country Crock) on white. Blame my grandfather."
  • Cottage Cheese And Potato Chips
    John Thompson says "Cottage cheese and potato chips."

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