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'Becoming More Visible' Seeks To Highlight Plights Of Homeless Trans Youth

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"Becoming More Visible" is a groundbreaking film that hopes to elevate and generate awareness about the realities plaguing homeless transgender youth.

The project, conceptualized by Pamela French and photographer Josh Lehrer, challenges viewers to examine their own complacency in regards to transgender youth homelessness. According to recent statistics, 40 percent of America's homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).

"This project is a dynamic one for me, after years of exploring and educating myself about the plight of trans kids and their disproportionate representation in the homeless community, I have become more interested in exploring what social functions (or disfunction) put them in this predicament," Lehrer told The Huffington Post. "There are lots of valuable and extremely informative stories out there that tell of the difficulties these kids face. And at the same time, I have yet to see or know of one that asks society what it says about us that we are the ones to have so profoundly let them down."

French and Lehrer are currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this project. Head here to learn more about "Becoming More Visible."

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