The 11 Most Ridiculous Travel Ads Ever Printed

01/12/2014 08:08 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Some advertisements are nostalgic. Some advertisements are inspiring. Some travel ads are... just plain ridiculous.

From senseless slogans to photos of playboys rollin' in unnecessary amounts of dough, here are a few ads that won't help to boost tourism.

Himachal Pradesh, India
Yes, a small child holding a lamb on an ice rink is "a surprises" indeed.

Trump Hollywood
Is he checking out the view of the beach, or the view of his “roommate?” Either way, this guy's vibe does NOT convince us to buy a loft.

Virgin America
Bonus points if you can get Virgin crew members to actually let you do this on their plane.

The Nation of Switzerland
Confusion. Just confusion.

The Roosevelt Hotel, New York
But really... what does the size-0 runway model have to do with your place of lodging? And why are you making us play Mad Libs?

The Elysian Hotel, Chicago
We like to think we’re down-to-earth enough to be surprised by just a simple, nice turndown service, thank you.

The Nation of India
Wait, what? Is this Scotland or India?

The Nation Of Greece
Judging by the poses, we’re pretty sure these people were Photoshopped in from a beginner’s dance class.

Conrad Hotels & Resorts
This whole socioeconomic setup looks just... kind of... wrong.

Club Med
We don’t know what "our idea of happiness" is, but we’re pretty sure there are no fruit-bearing men on stilts -- nor private, miniature islands -- at the average Club Med.

PST Travel
We find it hard to believe this ad -- which encourages a fireman to "forget about work for a while" while a city burns -- is real (though the company it mentions appears to be). If the ad is legit, then it's disturbing, not funny.

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