'Barkwatch' Is 'Baywatch' Starring Dogs Instead Of David Hasselhoff

01/15/2014 12:32 pm ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014
  • Sarah Barness Huffington Post Trends and Digital Innovation editor. Writer, Artist Extraordinaire

Remember the good ol' days of watching "Baywatch" on TV?

Well, those days are long gone, but "Barkwatch" is here to take the airwaves.

Imagine those tanned furry bodies running in slow motion to rescue you from a watery doom; Those life guards with perfectly fit bodies and legs for days, kicking up sand.

Starring celebs like Moho Haselhoff, and Jazz Anderson as C.I. Barker, "Barkwatch" is everything you could ever wish for -- minus dogs in bikinis. Because we all kind of wish for that.

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