Create Your Own Oscar Movie With IMDb Keywords

01/15/2014 02:28 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014
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The good people of TIME magazine have come up with the best parlor game of awards season: "Make Your Own Oscar-Winning Movie With One Click." Using IMDb keywords for Best Picture nominees from 1970 onward, TIME's fake-movie generator comes up with plot summaries for nonexistent movies that would probably win Oscars if they did exist. Some examples:

Communism ("JFK"), family relationships ("E.T. the Extra Terrestrial") and trust ("Capote") collide for an eccentric ("Capote") police officer ("Capote") and a Native American ("Capote") publisher ("As Good As It Gets") in Vietnam ("Born on the Fourth of July")

A gay ("Five Easy Pieces") investor ("Moulin Rouge!") copes with terminal illness ("Terms of Endearment"), frustration ("The Godfather Part II") and ethics ("Chariots of Fire") in New York City ("Terms of Endearment").

[via TIME]

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