10-Year-Old Whiz Kid Will School You On Nanotechnology (VIDEO)

01/17/2014 06:10 pm ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

The concept of nanotechnology would make most adults' heads spin, but not so for 10-year-old science buff Tanishq Abraham.

He joined HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps to share his volumes of expertise on how science moves forward when pieces of technology get smaller and smaller. He even explained how an invisibility cloak straight out of "Harry Potter" could actually become a reality within his lifetime -- but we'll leave all that complex explanation to Tanishq.

Check out the video above to be wowed by the breadth of this 10-year-old's knowledge about things you'll probably never understand.

This clip is part of HuffPost Live's "Tell Me Why" series, featuring young enthusiasts discussing the subjects they're passionate about -- from horror movies to string theory -- with experts.

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