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Mouthwatering Noodle Sculptures Make All Your Culinary Dreams Come True

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Oh Ramen. Is there any other food with such a divine combination of warmth, flavor, saltiness and spice?


We suspect South Korean artist Seung Yul Oh would agree, judging solely by his mouthwatering series of sculptures immortalizing the savory soup. The Myun Series, as Seung calls it, began when he was working in Seoul and he started noticing the particularities of a dish he'd so long enjoyed.

Yet Seung's series isn't just an elaborate display of soup-er fandom, it also toys with the relationship between the real and the fake, the familiar and the unknown. By manipulating the scale of the aromatic dish Seung turns a classic comfort food into a surreal representation that simultaneously appears lifelike and not quite right.

"Beyond its appearance as a bowl of noodles and a reminder of its taste, I am experimenting with the transformative aspect of materials and its physicality," Seung wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. Even though the soups do give off a supernatural vibe, especially with the elongated levitating noodles and all, we still so badly want to take a big slurp.

Whether you like your noodles curly or straight, your broth drenched in Sriracha or Hoisin sauce, your dish accented with clams or egg, you will find the soup of your dreams in the series below.










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