01/24/2014 12:42 pm ET | Updated Jan 24, 2014

Elders Watch 'Grind On Me' Vines, And It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

"We're going to hell in a basket."

That's just one of the reactions from this group of elders who got to sit down and watch the viral Vine craze "Grind On Me." The clips they watch are a compilation of young men "dancing" to Pretty Ricky's song "Grind On Me", a trend that has become very popular on the six-second video app Vine.

Things really took off for "Grind On Me" this past fall, when one Viner's dog got in on the action.

From Harlem shaking to this, it seems that the creative youth can make just about any dance move a fad. Thanks to TheFineBros hilarious idea, you can catch some more of the older generation reacting to this nonsense above.


Grandparents Being Grandparents