ESPN Incorrectly Tweets That Rafael Nadal Won The Australian Open

01/26/2014 04:00 pm ET

Dewey Beat Wawrinka!

ESPN's @SportsCenter Twitter account incorrectly proclaimed Rafael Nadal the winner of the Australian Open final on Sunday. Just minutes after the top-ranked Spaniard was defeated by Stan Wawrinka, @SportsCenter shared an impressive stat ... that only would have been accurate had the result been reversed.

Entering the men's singles final at the 2014 Australian Open, @SportsCenter had good reason to be confident in Nadal. He stepped onto the court in Melbourne with 13 career Grand Slam titles. His opponent, Wawrinka, was making just his first career appearance in a Grand Slam final. Given the resume gap, drafting a tweet about a Nadal win likely seemed a good -- and safe -- idea.

Unfortunately for Nadal and the Worldwide Leader, Wawrinka won.

The inaccurate tweet was quickly deleted and followed with a more appropriate one.

The @SportsCenter account would later acknowledge the error and apologize.

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