01/28/2014 12:42 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lucas Bane Proposes To Boyfriend David Devora

Two gay grooms-to-be in Los Angeles have decided to share their marriage proposal with the world -- and it is adorable.

With the help of an entire city block, Lucas Bane orchestrated an elaborate proposal for his boyfriend of four years, David Deovora, that involved choreographed dancers, a groups of friends and "Step Up" star Briana Evigan.

"I'm a romantic and I love surprising David so I knew I wanted to do something big," Bane told Instinct. "My first idea was just to write, 'will you marry me?' with Christmas lights. Then I thought about adding music and doing a little dance on the balcony. Little by little I just kept adding one idea on top of the other and every time I asked a friend a favor they delivered times ten, and it became a big production."

Check out the incredible marriage proposal above. All we have to say is:

(h/t Instinct)


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