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Rich CEO Tells 'Daily Show' The 'Mentally Retarded' Are Maaaybe Worth $2 An Hour

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There's a lot of good, funny stuff in the "Daily Show" segment above about the recent fast food protests, McDonald's as a welfare queen and more.

But what we'd really like you to focus on is the following exchange (at around 4:15) between correspondent Samantha Bee and Peter Schiff, the extremely conservative CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, who FREAKING HATES the minimum wage:

Schiff: "If we eliminated the minimum wage law then individuals would be free to accept jobs at whatever pay they're able to get."

Bee: "Paint me a picture of a person whose work would be worth $2 an hour."

Schiff: "You know somebody who might be? Maybe somebody who is, uh, you know, what's the politically correct word? Uh, you know, uh, for, uh, you know, mentally retarded?"

Bee: [...]

Schiff, later on: "I'm not going to say that we're all created equal... you're worth what you're worth."

(h/t Raw Story)

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