12 Reasons You're Better Off Not Having A Dishwasher

01/31/2014 07:33 am ET | Updated Jan 31, 2014
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In theory, a dishwasher is awesome. You cook a meal, eat it and then just throw all your dirty dishes into the dishwasher. With the click of a button, the mess you made is instantly taken care of -- and not by you. There's no time wasted on hand washing; no need to get your nails grimy with other people's food grease. You can even call upon the dishwasher to clean your other dirty items -- like tennis shoes. Pretty great, we know.

A kitchen with a dishwasher is something many home cooks hope for (like this Taste editor). We'd love to say goodbye to the sink piled over with dirty dishes and hello to technology. But having recently spoken to some of our more dishwasher-fortunate friends, and hearing some of their dishwasher woes (tragic, we know), we began to suspect that maybe having a dishwasher isn't all it's cracked up to be.

From what we can tell, there are times when having a dishwasher is actually more of a burden than a help. So if you've been living sans dishwasher, it might be time you start feeling pretty good about that fact. Here are the 12 worst things you have to worry about when you have a dishwasher -- and that the rest of us don't ever have to deal with.

  • 1 When You Realize You're Not Smart Enough To Figure Out How To Properly Load It
    Flickr: PV KS
    Getting everything to fit is like solving the Rubik's cube -- impossible.
  • 2 When A Glass Breaks And You Have To Fish It Out Of The Bottom
    Flickr: davetoaster
  • 3 When It Overflows, Again
    Flickr: ceonyc
  • 4 When Hard Water Makes Everything Turn White
    Worst. (And the only solution is to no longer use glasses.)
  • 5 When The Rack Falls Off Of The Track
    Flickr: osunick
    And it's full of heavy dishes.
  • 6 When You're Too Lazy To Hand-Wash Your Chef Knife...
    Flickr: pfly
    And the dishwasher ruins it.
  • 7 When You Have To Unload The Dishwasher
    Flickr: Nomadic Lass
    SO many dishes.
  • 8 When The Dishwasher Doesn't Drain And Bottom Is A Puddle Of Dirty Food Water
    Flickr: zim2411
  • 9 When The Grease From One Dish Gets All Over Everything
    Whoops, probably should have rinsed that.
  • 10 When it Malfunctions, For NO REASON
    Flickr: Peter Sheik
  • 11 When You Realize That You Have To Clean Your Dishwasher
    Flickr: waitscm
    It's worse than 10 years of hand washing dishes.
  • 12 When You Can't Get The Cat Out And You Just Want To Get The Dishes Over With
    Flickr: fredsharples

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