02/02/2014 11:39 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

Coca-Cola 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl Ad Celebrates Diversity, Twitter Explodes (VIDEO)

Coca-Cola generally draws on cuddly polar bears and other heartwarming imagery for its Super Bowl commercials and this year was no exception -- or was it?

Coke's stirring "It's Beautiful" spot featured Americans of all different backgrounds singing "America the Beautiful" in a variety of languages. Whether singing in English, Hindi, Arabic, or Tagalog, the ad's singers proved that America's diversity is one of its most important assets.

Sadly, many on Twitter appeared to differ, as social media was soon deluged messages of anger and ignorance directed at the commercial.

Of course, this resulted in a backlash of its own, as people across the Internet rallied to the commercial's defense.

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