Toddler With Down Syndrome Proves What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful

02/02/2014 09:53 am ET

Tara McCallan wants her little girl to know that different is beautiful.

Her 1-year-old daughter, Pip, has Down syndrome. Pip and her 2-year-old brother, Noal, are the stars of their mother's blog, Happy Soul Project.

This week, McCallan sent pictures of Pip to HuffPost Good News' Facebook page:


pip up

"I think [this picture's] message is so very important," McCallan wrote.

She told the Huffington Post that, with these pictures and her blog, she wants to spread awareness about Down syndrome and also "be a voice or open someone's eyes to how to approach others [who have loved ones] that are beautifully different."

"I want people to know that my daughter is just that," McCallan said. "My daughter."

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