02/03/2014 09:13 am ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

Foods You Should Never Order On A First Date


First dates can be many things -- awkward, painfully awkward, so unbearably awkward that you'll never date again as long as you live... One thing they all have in common, however, is that they're all about first impressions. Your date will be judging every little thing, whether they want to or not. And you'll be judging back, whether you think you're a judgmental person or not.

If you're out to dinner on your first date, there are a few simple things you can do to minimize the negative impressions. One of them is not breaking the cardinal rules of first date foods. Don't order anything that will make it hard to talk to the other person -- so, nothing too cumbersome to eat and nothing bad breath-inducing. Don't order anything that makes it hard to look the other person in the eye -- so, nothing that will inevitably get stuck in your teeth. And don't order anything that you'll regret later (we'll leave it at that).

So much can go wrong on a first date, but in the end, being yourself and going with your gut is the most important thing. Just don't order the wrong thing.

  • 1 Garlic Bread
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    If you have any hope of getting closer to your date than where you're currently sitting across the table, do NOT reach for that garlic bread. We repeat: do NOT.
  • 2 Ribs
    Photo by Katherine Lewinski via Getty Images
    So you want to look like a barbarian on your first date? You want to get sauce all over your face in hopes your date will want to... lick it off? Keep dreaming.
  • 3 Lobster
    Victoria Pearson via Getty Images
    Oh, you want to look like a barbarian on the first day while spending way too much? Your date will never be able to picture you without that lobster bib again. Is that really what you want?
  • 4 Noodle Soup
    Kristen Johansen via Getty Images
    Unless you and your date are both eating noodle soup, it's a bad choice. All that slurping can be very irritating if you're not doing the same thing. If, however, you both picked ramen to eat on the first date, you will live long, happy lives together.
  • 5 The Most Expensive Thing On The Menu
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    If you're not paying, it looks like a dick move. If you are paying, you're not impressing anyone. Go home.
  • 6 Pesto
    Dan Goldberg via Getty Images
    It will get caught in your teeth, and your date will feel too uncomfortable to say anything, and then you will be so embarrassed when you see yourself in the mirror that by the time you get back from the bathroom, the whole date will be over. It's done.
  • 7 Tequila Shots
    Bill Boch via Getty Images
    Unless it's Spring Break. And then why the hell would you be on a date? Shots are just unacceptable. Save it for later, after the date doesn't work out anyway.
  • 8 Baked Beans
    Andrew Olney via Getty Images
    You know this is a date, right?
  • 9 A Dish With Excessive Substitutions
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    "Picky" is not the first impression you want to go for.
  • 10 Meatloaf
    Lauri Patterson via Getty Images
    You may not recover from this.

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