Richard Sherman Praises Peyton Manning After Super Bowl Victory

02/03/2014 01:52 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2014

Outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had nothing but good things to say about Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning after Seattle's Super Bowl victory on Sunday night.

Following the Seahawks' 43-8 route over the Broncos, an injured Sherman took to Twitter to defend and praise the five-time NFL MVP.

On Monday morning when Sherman was asked about his tweets on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike," the 25-year-old revealed just how classy Manning was after the game.

"When I was walking up to my press conference, well limping up to my press conference and trying to make it up the stairs, somebody taps me on the shoulder and extends their hand and asked am I alright. And my eyes trying to make it out to see who it is, and it's Peyton, fully dressed in his suit. Obviously, really concerned about my well-being,” Sherman said. "After a game like that, biggest stage ever, a guy who’s still classy enough to ask ‘How are you doing?’ and really be genuinely concerned about an opponent. That shows an incredibly different amount of humility and class and I think that deserved to be known."

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