02/04/2014 11:53 am ET

Groove Cruise 2014 Photos: Inside The Ship That Never Stopped Partying

It set sail from Miami and never looked back -- and with a lineup of some of the planet's most popular DJs, why would the Groove Cruise, a floating music festival you have to see to believe, do anything less?

"The minute the ship gets let loose from that dock, the turntables don't stop spinning and the people don't stop raging," reports photographer Marisa Matluck, who shared photos from the ship with The Huffington Post. "There were costumes, pasties, tattoos, lights, hula hoops... Every time you think you need a break, the energy on that ship sucks you right back into the party."

Though other music cruises have been organized from the ports of Miami and Everglades -- Holy Ship, for example -- the Groove Cruise is the grandest of them all, having just set sail on its 10th anniversary trip. But consider it experienced, not aged: the roster still kills, with the likes of Cedric Gervais, Markus Schulz, and John Dahlback, and the entire Norwegian Pearl is given over to four days of non-stop party.

This year's Groove Cruise sailed from the Magic City to a private beach party in Cozumel, with a live Super Bowl bash on the way back. Check out the revelry for yourself, courtesy photographer Marisa Matluck:

Groove Cruise 2014 Photos