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10 'Cursi' Love Songs In Spanish To Get You Ready For Valentine's Day

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Oh Valentine’s Day! It’s the national day to spread love and kindness, and spend money on expensive roses and gifts.

Personally, the best types of gifts are the ones that are hand-made and come from the heart.

For this Valentine’s Day, we suggest you save the hassle of dinners and designer-brand gifts, and say “te amo” with a CD filled with cursi spanish love songs of the past.

And if fulanita or fulanito can’t accept you for your inner 90s’ child, then they clearly no valen la pena!

After all, it’s la intencion que cuenta! And besides, who isn’t a sucker for Luis Miguel’s daring romanticism?

‘Cursi’ is Spanish slang for ‘cheesy’, by the way.

  • Timbiriche • Tu y Yo Somos Uno Mismo
    For a split second it’s the comeback of Thalia, Paulina Rubio and Eduardo Capetillo in one stage, as the song “Tu y Yo Somos Uno Mismo” by Timbiriche tops our list. Yes, Timbiriche, the Mexican pop-rock group who was one of the most successful bands in Ibero-America from the eighties to the nineties.
  • Onda Vaselina (OV7) • Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto
    OV7 and their song “Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto,” (*sigh*) was the opening to the novela “Mi Pequeña Traviesa.” The track reached no.1 on the Billboard Latin chart in 1998 and is still requested in karaokes or weddings in the Americas.
  • Luis Miguel • La Incondicional
    Is it a dream? Is it prince charming on a white horse? Is it love? Close, it’s Luis Miguel. The ultimate romantic Latin singer and his 1989 top-ten hit, “La Incondicional,” can’t say otherwise. El Sol de Mexico does not need any further explanation.
  • Chayanne • Completamente Enamorados
    From the rich culture of Mexico to la isla del encanto of Puerto Rico, is another heartthrob that knew exactly how to captivate his audience. Chayanne. His intense dance moves and killer sex appeal had women in the eighties, nineties and today, crazy. “Completamente Enamorados,” formed part in the 1990 album, “Tiempo de Vals,” which featured some of his best-selling hits.
  • Thalia • Amandote
    Mexican singer and actress, Thalia, has come a long way since sequin bikinis, Maria la del Barrio, Marimar and sunflowers. The upbeat song “Amandote” formed part of her 1996 international outbreak album, “En Extasis.” With this song not only can you tell your other half you love them, but also show them amor a la Mexicana.
  • Yuri • Te Amo, Te Amo
    Yuri’s “Te Amo, Te Amo,” released in 1983, is pretty direct. Other than that, this video has me speechless.
  • Valentino • Linda Mujer
    How about dedicating a one-hit wonder remake of an all-time classic? This guy Valentino made Chris De Burgh’s “Lady in Red,” all his own in 1989.
  • Magneto • Para Siempre
    Mexican boy band, Magneto, was responsible for the cursi love song, “Para Siempre,” being heard almost everywhere in Latin America in 1992. Magneto had las colegialas mesmerized back in the days. And, I am pretty sure that including this song in your Te Amo a lo Cursi CD will be a hit.
  • Los Fantasmas del Caribe • Muchacha Triste
    You got to be careful with these guys, because your gal might end up falling in love with them and not you. I mean, just look at those hair-flips, pelvic thrusting to cumbia, keytar and renaissance wardrobe, uff! “Muchacha Triste” by Los Fantasmas del Caribe became a no.1 Billboard Hot Latin Track in 1993.
  • Maná • De Piez a Cabeza
    We had to throw in some Maná. They are the pioneers of ‘cursi’ love songs and corta venas with the rock and roll twist. “De Piez a Cabeza,” is still going strong at Latin nightclubs and radio stations. The list of cursi spanish love songs from the eighties and nineties is endless; however, we hope you take our advice, and enjoy a Valentine’s Day that will be one-of-its-kind.

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