02/06/2014 09:15 am ET | Updated Feb 06, 2014

15 Baked Potatoes That Never Should Have Happened (PHOTOS)

Is there anything more comforting than a well-topped baked potato? Whether you like them loaded to the max, simply buttered or twice-baked, we've all been warmed from the inside out by this marvel of heat applied to a root vegetable. However, we regret to inform you that some of you are doing it wrong.

How can you screw up a baked potato? We found 15 baked potatoes that never should have happened to help us explain.

  • 1
    photo by andrew pembrooke via Getty Images
    You want baked beans on your baked potato? We're not going to stop you -- but did you have to anthropomorphize it like this??
  • 2
    Image Source via Getty Images
    We don't totally get putting smoked salmon in here, but we can see how someone might like it.
  • 3
    David Marsden via Getty Images
    Okay. This is getting a little weird.
  • 4
    Steve Outram via Getty Images
    Excuse us, but what is CAULIFLOWER doing here? Were you even invited, cauliflower?
  • 5
    Steve Outram via Getty Images
    Tuna and feta. Just let that sink in for a second. Tuna. And feta.
  • 6
    Rukiye /500px
    Wait... what is actually happening here? Is that ketchup? Olives? Canned peas? Guys, we're better than this.
  • 7
    David Marsden via Getty Images
    Cole slaw. Are you sure? This is really a life choice you are prepared to make?
  • 8
    Broccoli, seitan and vegan queso. : (
  • 9
    David Marsden via Getty Images
    Tuna and mayonnaise. Who is responsible for this? England, is it you? Is it??
  • "Baked potato with chicken & sweetcorn and cheese." England -- we have spent a lot of time arguing for the solid deliciousness of your cuisine. Please, help us help you.
  • 11
    David Marsden via Getty Images
  • 12
    David Marsden via Getty Images
  • 13
    john shepherd via Getty Images
  • 14
    David Marsden via Getty Images
    Cottage cheese, ham and pineapple. Now we are dead.
  • This is us calling out to you from beyond the grave to say: for the love of all that is holy -- there is someone in this world who loves you and wants to help you. Call them. This pineapple does not have good intentions.

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