Sandra Bullock Gets Emotional While Saying Goodbye To Jay Leno

02/06/2014 11:03 am ET | Updated Feb 06, 2014

Jay Leno's final episode as host of "The Tonight Show" airs on Thursday evening, but the waterworks were already flowing on Wednesday night's second-to-last broadcast. Leno had Sandra Bullock on for a final time, and the Oscar-winning actress recalled how generous and thoughtful Leno was to her throughout the last two decades.

"You've always been so kind. That's saying a lot in this business, because we like to be mean," Bullock said through tears. "There's not been one time you haven't treated me like I had something to offer –- even when the film was awful and you knew it, you never let me see it in your eyes."

Watch Bullock's emotional tribute above.

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