02/06/2014 02:10 pm ET | Updated Feb 06, 2014

Mesmerizing Video Is Basically The Fine Art Version Of 'Flubber'

"Walking City" is a hypnotic work of visual art that combines elements of sculpture, architecture and movement. The video installation was created by Matt Pyke and Universal Everything, previously highlighted here for a project that combined coding and movement, who write about the mesmerizing, 8-minute media:

Architecture + Evolution + Movement

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

If you'd like to learn more about the hypnotic project or see other works by Matt Pyke and Universal Everything, be sure to check out their website here.


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