02/10/2014 10:52 am ET

'60 Minutes' Homelessness Story Hits Home For Anderson Cooper

A new "60 Minutes" report about homelessness literally hit home for Anderson Cooper.

The correspondent recently did a story about the chronically homeless, which he said changed his perception of the homeless.

He said that there was a homeless man who panhandles outside his front door in New York City. “Before the story, it really annoyed me,” Cooper told CBS News. “I just ignored him. I just pretended he wasn't there. And after the story, I was like, ‘This is ridiculous. This is my issue. Me pretending not to see this person is insane and offensive.’"

He said that after doing the story, he decided to approach the man and talk to him -- an experience that Cooper said has led him to "see things in a different lens."


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