What The Fast Food You're Craving Looks Like In Reality

02/11/2014 08:53 am ET

Although we talk constantly about the majesty of a homemade burger, work constantly to seek out the best tacos on earth and generally care more about the quality and sourcing of our food than about most other issues in life, even we are not immune to a fast food craving. We know why we shouldn't eat it, and we know that ultimately, it will probably be disappointing -- but somehow, walking past a McDonald's when the wind is blowing just right can still send us into a hash-brown-and-cheeseburger-craving tailspin.

If you suffer from the same brand of cognitive dissonance, allow us to offer a brief fast food reality check in the form of the difference between the burgers and tacos fast food companies advertise, and the soul-crushing reality.

Advertising vs Reality
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That's better right? Let's all go make ourselves a sandwich instead.

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