Papa John's Pizza 'Dough Monster' Emerges From Edinburgh Food Recycling Bin (PHOTO)

02/11/2014 11:50 am ET | Updated Feb 11, 2014

The plus side to food recycling? Fresh compost for everyone. The downside? Exploding pizza dough "monsters."

This wee beauty was caught oozing out of a bin behind an Edinburgh, Scotland Papa John's establishment. It looks like the dough expanded enough to push the lid up off the bin and plop down onto the street. If it's expanding, then the yeast in the dough is still doing its thing.

Basically, it's alive.

Ailsa Burn-Murdoch tweeted a photo of the "monster" as she walked to work Tuesday. A representative from Papa John's U.K. tweeted back that they are investigating the matter.

Good to see that the company's U.K. arm supports serious inquiry. If this had happened in the U.S.A., some bigwig would probably have blamed Obamacare for the pizza monster.

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