02/12/2014 05:02 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2014

Mom Of Baby Zion Reflects On Her Son's Short, Cherished Life

The best gifts often come in small packages, and Zion Isaiah Blick is no exception.

Mom, Robbyn Blick, was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when doctors diagnosed her baby with Trisomy 18, a life-threatening genetic disorder. The Blicks had a difficult choice to make, but Robbyn and her husband, Josh, decided to go forward with the pregnancy and treasure whatever time they'd get to spend with their son.

The couple are devout Christians and found strength in the biblical passage that references the city of Zion: Psalm 50:2 reads, "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth." And that's how the Blicks came to name their baby Zion.

Robbyn wrote about her family's difficult experience on the TODAY Moms website.

"We prayed from the very beginning of this journey, that whatever the Lord chose to do with the little life, our precious son, that God would be glorified," Robbyn wrote.

Zion was born on January 11, and died just 10 days later. But in his short time, the infant celebrated a birthday, was held by friends and family members and spent time with mom, dad and his four older brothers.

A friend of his parents created a gut-wrenching tribute in the infant's honor. In the film, the Blicks reflect on Zion's short life as footage and images from his ten days on earth transition in and out. Mom explained in her essay that despite the hardship, Zion's life stood for hope:

Every life, no matter how small, is important and has a purpose. Knowing this truth and also the diagnosis of our son, we chose to celebrate his life, no matter how the odds were stacked against him. If even only one life is changed, one person learns of the love of God, then his life brought glory to God.

The Chicago-based coupled also shared over 50 gorgeous photos on Instagram, using the hashtag #iheartzion, which also appears in the video tribute as well. Robbyn explains why they chose to document Zion's life with pictures and vidoes. "We knew our time with him was uncertain. We were blessed with the most precious gift," she wrote.

Zion's family has made sure he will be remembered, and appreciated. Dad's final words in the video say it all: "Thanks for fighting so your mom and I and the rest of the world can know and love you."


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