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The Best Diner Foods To Cure A Hangover

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If you are the kind of person who likes to indulge in a few cocktails, chances are, someday you're going to feel hungover. Now, science has tried to tell us recently that some of our traditional shields in the war against hangovers will actually make things worse. We'd like to say, science, get the f**k out of here for a few minutes -- our heads hurt and we need coffee and a bacon sandwich.

When we feel our worst, making ourselves hangover food doesn't always feel like an option. That, friends, is why diners exist, with their encyclopedic menus, never-ending supply of coffee and dishwashers. When you sit down in that booth (with friends, or alone, no judgement), you're going to be faced with an overwhelming number of choices to remedy the damage you did last night. I asked HuffPost staffers what their go-to order in a diner is, then ranked them in order of hangover curability.

Please note, there are no drinks on this list. You need water. You need coffee. If you are lucky enough to be in a diner that serves Bloody Marys, by all means, give it a go. Have a milkshake if you feel like it! Today, we're talking about food that you chew, food that -- even if it doesn't actually cure anything -- will make you feel better for just a moment, and give you the courage to face the rest of the day.

  • 20 Pancakes
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    So sweet and delicious in the moment, so depressing when you're hungry again an hour later and still have a headache.
  • 19 Buttered Toast
    Steve Snodgrass/Flickr
    For when you are feeling the sincerest kind of hangover pain.
  • 18 Monte Cristo Sandwich
    If this is your hangover cure, you are braver than I. Godspeed, deep-friend sandwich eaters.
  • 17 Chili
    Alexandra Grablewski via Getty Images
    Look, this is probably going to make you feel worse in the long run, but we know it tastes so good.
  • 16 French Toast
    Tetra Images via Getty Images
    This will satisfy your sweet tooth, give you some protein and put you right back to sleep.
  • 15 Mozzarella Sticks
    Steve Manson via Getty Images
    YUP. We support this decision.
  • 14 Tuna Sandwich
    Debbi Smirnoff via Getty Images
    Sometimes a hungover body demands protein. We're not here to stop you, body.
  • 13 Chicken Fingers
    Sometimes your inner child is the one you have to appease. No shame in that game.
  • 12 Biscuits And Gravy
    South of the Mason-Dixon line, this will not disappoint you. Other times, beware.
  • 11 Mashed Potatoes And Gravy
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    Just like on Thanksgiving, gravy is not optional today.
  • 10 French Fries
    biffspandex via Getty Images
    Cheese fries, disco fries, chili fries, whatever you need.
  • 9 Omelette
    Stuffed with cheese, fluffy, usually accompanied by potatoes. Slam dunk.
  • 8 BLT
    Charles Islander via Getty Images
    Bacon might help counteract a hangover -- which is about as much science as we need to convince us to eat a BLT.
  • 7 Bacon Cheeseburger
    Rob Mattingley via Getty Images
    It is possible that these taste even better when we're hungover.
  • 6 Hash Browns
    Leigh Beisch via Getty Images
    Home fries need not apply.
  • 5 Corned Beef Hash
    Time (and corned beef hash) heals all wounds.
  • 4 Grilled Cheese
    Damn. We feel better already.
  • 3 Baked Potato
    David Buffington via Getty Images
    As loaded as possible.
  • 2 Bacon Egg And Cheese On A Roll
    Tastyart Ltd Rob White via Getty Images
    If you want it on a croissant or bagel, we won't judge you.
  • 1 Full On Greasy Breakfast
    Jupiterimages via Getty Images
    You want steak and eggs? Do it. You want bacon and sausage AND ham? Do it. Chicken fried steak? We're not stopping you. This is your breakfast and you deserve it. The only required components are eggs, potatoes, meat and grease.

    Oh, what's that? It's lunch time? FORGE AHEAD.

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Hangover Food
Hangover Food