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Fifth-Grader Has Hilarious, Elaborate Ritual To Summon Snow Days (VIDEO)

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To all East Coast kids disappointed that they didn't get a snow day Thursday: you're doing it wrong.

Take a cue from superstitious New York City fifth-grader Lucas Heiberger, who has a foolproof formula for summoning the Snow Day Gods. He told NBC 4 New York about his bizarre, and apparently effective, four-step ritual.

"First you throw three ice cubes in each toilet of your house.

"Before you go to bed, you have to put your pajamas on inside out and backwards.

"Third, you have to put a spoon under your pillow.

"And fourth, before you get in your bed, you have to walk around with your shoes on backwards, and you have to walk around, like how old you are."

(This last step, we presume, means you take the same number of steps as the number of years in your age. So, if you're 10 years old, you take 10 steps.)

Don't believe it works?

Well, much to the dismay of New York City parents Thursday, classes at public schools were not canceled. At Lucas' private New York City school, however, classes were canceled.

We'd love to give Heiberger credit for crafting such an elaborate Snow Day superstition, but it appears American students have been performing the Pajamas-Inside-Out, Spoon-Under-the-Pillow-Snow-Day Ritual for years.

[NBC 4 New York VIA Jezebel]

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