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Cake GIFs That'll Make You Want To Stuff Cake In Your Face

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There are many kinds of love. Romantic love, brotherly love, sisterly love, platonic love, the kind of love you feel when you see someone buy someone else a coffee for no reason, the kind of love you feel when you accomplish something you wanted to that day, and -- perhaps most importantly for our purposes today -- there is cake love. Let's go on a quick journey together, the best way we know how: in cake GIFs.

  • We got you some cake.
  • No, we mean A LOT of cake.
  • Not because we think you're particularly great, or particularly not great.
  • But because cake is love.
  • And we all deserve love/cake as often as possible.
  • We leveled it perfectly.
  • We frosted it with care.
  • And we cut ourselves a teeny tiny slice, just to make sure it was good enough to serve to you.
  • You want candles? Okay, let's do candles!
  • Blow 'em out! You're great and we hope you have a fantastic day.
  • It's possible that you might feel like doing this to it instead of eating it.
  • That's fine, it's your cake, do what you want. But look how good it looks.
  • When someone makes you a cake, they take a lot of time and care and love to do it.
  • Which, by the transitive property (or something) means that cake is love.
  • And love is cake.
  • So, what we're trying to say is...

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