This Is What True Love Looks Like

02/14/2014 11:53 am ET | Updated Feb 24, 2015

Whether you and your partner are keen on Valentine's Day or not (hey, a "House of Cards" marathon and Chinese food sounds pretty romantic to us), it's an excuse to celebrate being in love. And that's something we can all get behind.

In the spirit of the holiday, we asked readers to send us one photo that encapsulates the love between them and their partner. We received loads of submissions filled with happy faces, funny faces, hugs, kisses and even a few tears. Check them out below:

2014-02-12-BgO8M5GCAAA52J2.jpg Submitted by Kristi Helm // Credit: David Lapham

2014-02-12-BgO9BU_IgAAxYNi.jpeg "He always finds a way to make me laugh." - @SelinaWest

2014-02-13-redeyeweddingday.jpg "We were so overcome with emotion that we cried throughout our wedding vows." - Katz Navarro

2014-02-12-BgOPulIMAAdDpI.jpg Submitted by @Jay2338

2014-02-13-BgPEyFJCAAALxwJ.jpg "Me with my partner of over 24 years, Lisa Grossman, married nearly 3 years!" - @ddambrot

2014-02-13-BgPAtMsCAAAmcAA.jpg "My hubs is my best friend. In a word: LAUGHTER" - @agoeman

2014-02-13-BgP1IDLCYAAL3OB.jpg Submitted by @meeshobamamama

2014-02-13-BgPMdzNIMAA33UF.jpg "Always laughing, always loving." - @APDiazRubio

2014-02-13-BgSk51oCYAAfzi.jpg "Truly the happiest day of my life." - @felixtkat

2014-02-13-BgSkljDIcAAHHyI.jpg Submitted by @bbucko

2014-02-13-centralparksmoochy.png Submitted by Greg Young and Derek Moore

2014-02-13-BgSkRfTCYAIrM8K.jpg Submitted by @angelagailvb

2014-02-13-BgSjX9tCIAAuEiD1.jpg Submitted by @WillCreech27

2014-02-14-slide_337306_3421128_free.jpg Submitted by @Lo_Jewart

2014-02-13-47435_10151091711532793_472865837_n.jpg "Rae and me on our wedding day." - Susan White

Check out more heartwarming photos from our readers in the slideshow below:

True Love Photos

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