02/14/2014 10:30 am ET Updated Feb 14, 2014

Pam McGee, Former WNBA Star, Explains To Her Assistant How To Behave On The Red Carpet (VIDEO)

As the mother and business manager of NBA star JaVale McGee, Pam McGee has found herself interacting with wealthy athletes, celebrities and high-society heavyweights. So, even though the single parent and breast cancer survivor grew up on the streets of Flint, Mich., attending a red-carpet event doesn't worry her too much -- as long as she has the right person by her side.

For Pam, choosing someone to attend a red-carpet event with her is a selective process, and her latest red-carpet invite has her wondering who she should bring. Pam's often-inappropriate assistant, Jay, says he's more than up for the job, but Pam disagrees.

"You ain't ready for the red carpet, Jay," Pam says.

"Why a black man from the country can't go? Why a country boy can't go?" he wonders. "That's some bulls**t."

Jay tells Pam that he wants to be "red-carpet special," but Pam doesn't think he'd fit in. "This event is kind of 'old money.' We're 'new money.' Even I have to manipulate my way to get to these events," she says. "It's just a different atmosphere."

Pam's goal at the event is to make a good impression, which she doesn't think is possible with Jay and his foul mouth. "You say m-f, n-this, n-that, and you can't use that in certain environments," Pam stresses to Jay. "This is the difference. I'm a hybrid. I know when I'm in the 'hood, I be like, 'Yo, Jay, what's up, holla, holla, holla, holla.' But when I get in a corporate event, my language changes. I know how to speak their language... That's why I went to college at USC for four years."

"So? I went to college, too," Jay says. "It's just like going to Penn State. I went to 'Penitentiary State.' Same thing. Both of them are great for learning."

"You still got some of that penitentiary in you," Pam responds. "Some of us didn't go to the penitentiary."

Jay keeps pushing, but Pam doesn't budge. Even though she knows and appreciates Jay, Pam doesn't think the other red-carpet guests can handle his personality. "Other people would be offended," she says. "Those individuals would judge him."

Pam's red-carpet quest continues on "Mom's Got Game," airing Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.


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