Rick Ross Defends Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

02/14/2014 04:53 pm ET

Justin Bieber has gotten a bad rap for his questionable behavior, which often includes shirtless appearances in night clubs. But Rick Ross, who was recently spotted partying with the 19-year-old pop star in Atlanta, doesn't think Bieber has a problem.

During an interview with HuffPost Live about his new album, "Mastermind," Ross defended Bieber when host Marc Lamont Hill asserted that Bieber is "struggling" despite his endless money and fame.

"I'm going to be honest, I don't feel that way," Ross said. "I look at homie as a 19-year-old teenager with possibly more than $100 million. There's a lot of things he could be doing if he was really a troublemaker, other than throwing eggs at homes and partying a little bit. A lot of times I feel like people get certain things misconstrued, but that comes with the game."

See the full HuffPost Live interview with Rick Ross in the video below.

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