Sometimes one ingredient can make such a difference in a recipe that it turns something mundane into a revelation. We think chorizo is one of those ingredients. The Spanish pork sausage is packed with so much flavor (from spices like cumin and paprika) that just a bit of it can transform a recipe. We're here to show you how it's done.

If you've never cooked with Spanish chorizo before, all you need to know is that it doesn't need a long time to cook, since it's fully cured. A brief saute is all that's required to crisp up the sausage and extract the flavor and bright red color (note: it will dye everything else in the pan!) -- simply slice or dice the chorizo before heating it.

Quick Ideas For Using Chorizo:

Add it to eggs: When you're making eggs in the morning, sauté some sliced chorizo alongside for a tastier substitute for bacon.

Add it to rice: Some sautéed diced or sliced chorizo is a great addition to rice. Enjoy it as a side dish or main dish.

Add it to pasta: If you want to add some bold flavor to any simple pasta dish, add sautéed sliced chorizo.

Add it to soup: Add sautéed sliced or diced chorizo to a potato soup or any bean soup -- it will add amazing flavor and color.

Browse our slideshow below to see more ideas for transforming your recipes with chorizo.

Have you used chorizo to transform a recipe? Let us know below.

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    Chorizo With Rice
    New Media Publishing
    Chorizo is a typical ingredient in the famous paellas of Spain, but you don't need to make an elaborate version at home. Just combine chorizo with rice to create this simple and satisfying recipe that's great as either a side dish or main dish. Get the Chorizo Paella recipe from New Media Publishing
  • 2
    Chorizo Tapas
    Cedric Angeles/Food & Wine
    Tapas are the Spanish version of appetizers. This classic recipe has chorizo poached in red wine, which adds lots of bold flavor and color. Serve this dish as a party appetizer paired with some crusty bread and wine or beer. Get the Chorizo Poached in Red Wine recipe from Cedric Angeles/Food & Wine
  • 3
    Chorizo With Potatoes
    Jason Lowe
    All this dish consists of is potatoes, onions and chorizo -- it's a rustic, hearty and delicious combination that's great for supper. Feel free to vary the recipe by adding bell peppers, tomatoes or hot chiles. Get the Potatoes with Chorizo recipe from Jason Lowe
  • 4
    Chorizo In Pasta
    You don't need a lot of chorizo to add flavor to a simple pasta dish. In this recipe, chorizo is used as the accent for a spring pasta dish that includes pan-fried artichokes and fennel. Garnish with baby arugula and shaved cheese. Get the Pan-Fried Artichokes, Fennel and Chorizo Tagliatelle recipe from HuffPost Taste
  • 5
    Chorizo In Cornbread
    Once you've tried cornbread with chorizo, you may never go back. Cornbread is the perfect canvas for different flavors, and chorizo hits the nail on the head in this dressed-up recipe. Get the Cornbread With Chorizo recipe from boulangere via Food52
  • 6
    Chorizo With Fish
    Chorizo adds a lot of flavor to mild white fish such as cod -- it's actually a classic pairing in Spanish cuisine. In this recipe, the fish is topped with sauteed chorizo, grape tomatoes and white beans, then it's baked just until cooked through. Serve with boiled potatoes or bread to mop up the sauce. Get the Baked Cod with Chorizo and White Beans recipe from EatingWell
  • 7
    Chorizo Empanadas
    Buns In My Oven
    Chorizo feels like it was made to fill empanadas. With chorizo inside, the flaky, butter pockets burst with flavor. Get the Chorizo Empanadas recipe from Buns In My Oven
  • 8
    Chorizo In Stuffed Mushrooms
    A Spicy Perspective
    Chorizo gives this classic, fail-safe appetizer a great makeover. These chorizo stuffed mushrooms only need five ingredients, making them perfect for larger groups or parties. Get the Chorizo and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms recipe from A Spicy Perspective
  • 9
    Chorizo With Brussels Sprouts
    Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast via Food52
    Chorizo makes a great pairing with Brussels sprouts, and these crispy Brussels sprouts with chorizo beer hash can be eaten any time of day. Get the Brussels Sprouts With Chorizo Beer Hash recipe from Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast via Food52
  • 10
    Chorizo In Mac And Cheese
    Simply Recipes
    Mac and cheese is perfect on its own, but with chorizo, it's elevated to new heights. Chorizo wakes this mac and cheese recipe up, giving a kick to the creamy cheese, and turning the breadcrumbs into crispy, spicy morsels. Get the Chorizo Mac And Cheese recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 11
    Chorizo With Eggs
    Thomas Schauer
    If you're tired of the usual bacon and eggs for breakfast, try this recipe, which pairs eggs with chorizo. Both the eggs and the chorizo are cooked in garlic-infused olive oil. Serve with crusty bread for a hearty breakfast or even supper. Get the Fried Egg with Chorizo recipe from Thomas Schauer
  • 12
    Chorizo In Soup
    New Media Publishing
    Chorizo makes a great addition to soup, adding lots of flavor. Use it to dress up ho-hum black bean soup. Add a mound of yellow rice and you've got a very enjoyable meal. Get the Sherried Black Bean Soup with Chorizo recipe from New Media Publishing
  • 13
    Chorizo Stuffed In Pork
    Chorizo makes a very flavorful stuffing in this pork tenderloin recipe. The stuffing also includes spinach and extra-sharp cheddar cheese. Don't be afraid to stuff the pork -- all you need to do is split it lengthwise, pound it to an even thickness and stuff, roll and tie. Get the Chorizo-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin recipe from EatingWell
  • 14
    Chorizo Rolls
    Burcu Avsar/Food & Wine
    This take on South American empanadas uses phyllo dough to roll up a filling of crumbled goat cheese and chopped chorizo. It's a flavorful appetizer or snack that's easy to prepare -- simply assemble, bake and serve. Get the Goat Cheese and Chorizo Rolls recipe from Burcu Avsar via Food & Wine
  • 15
    Chorizo With Beans
    Use chorizo to dress up frozen lima beans to create this smoky and flavorful side dish. Or use the dish as a topping for garlic toast for a great appetizer or snack. Feel free to change up the dish and make it with canned white beans. Get the Lima Beans with Chorizo recipe from EatingWell
  • 16
    Chorizo In Chile
    The Beeroness
    Chorizo and chile are a match made in heaven. The spicy flavor of chorizo takes chile to the next level, heating it up a notch for a seriously bold bowlful. Get a Chipotle Stout and Chorizo Chili Topped With Pork Rinds recipe from The Beeroness
  • 17
    Chorizo In Croquettes
    Gimme Some Oven
    Croquettes are easier than they look, and these cheesy, chorizo-fried rounds are almost as easy to make as they are to eat. Chorizo makes a fantastic croquette filling, bringing heat and spice to the heaviness of fried cheese. Get an Oven-Fried Chorizo Croquettes recipe from Gimme Some Oven
  • 18
    Chorizo In Stuffing
    Chorizo livens up the ultimate comfort food in this recipe for chibatta stuffing with sweet potato and chorizo. The crisp and salty chorizo provides a great contrast to the soft chibatta and sweet potato. Get the Ciabatta Stuffing with Chorizo, Sweet Potato, and Mushrooms recipe from melissav via Food52
  • 19
    Chorizo With Clams
    Ms. T/Food52
    Chorizo provides great heat to the mild flavor of clams in this summery dish. With the acid from the tomatoes, this dish pops with flavor that will have you sopping up the sauce with every last bit of bread. Get the Clams with Grilled Chorizo & Charred Tomatoes recipe from Ms. T via Food52
  • 20
    Chorizo In Tacos
    Pass The Sushi
    Chorizo in tacos seems like an obvious decision, and once you try this recipe, it might become a staple in your rotation. Served in a warm tortilla alongside creamy avocado, diced potatoes, smokey paprika and fresh cilantro, these tacos are an instant classic. Get the Loaded Chorizo Tacos recipe from Pass The Sushi
  • 21
    Chorizo In Grilled Cheese
    Foodie Crush
    If you like to eat grilled cheese as much as we do, there's always a room to experiment. The combination of chorizo and peppadew peppers breathes new life into this classic sandwich. Get the Chorizo and Peppadew Pepper Grilled Cheese recipe from Foodie Crush

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