02/21/2014 11:29 am ET | Updated Feb 21, 2014

HBO's 'Mildred Pierce' Fired Lena Dunham Right Before 'Girls'

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Sure, she's a big shot these days, but back in 2011 HBO wasn't crazy about Lena Dunham.

Chatting with Grantland's Bill Simmons, the "Girls" creator and star admitted to being let go from HBO's "Mildred Pierce" miniseries after one day.

"I got fired off of the one day I did on ['Mildred Pierce,']" she said. "'Fired' might be [a] rough [word,] but I got sweetly dismissed from the one day I acted on ‘Mildred Pierce,’ the HBO miniseries …They told me it was a three-day shoot and halfway through the first day, they were like, 'We got what we needed!'"

"I know I didn’t do well because the producer of ‘Mildred Pierce,’ Ilene Landress, now produces ‘Girls’ and she said to me that she was auditioning extras in the basement to replace me because that’s how bad I was,” Dunham continued.

She may not have been on her game, but Dunham did make it into a shot. Check it out below:

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