02/21/2014 10:52 am ET

Waitress Got $6,600 Tip For School - But May Have Lied About The School Part

It was the perfect Valentine's Day story -- until the deceit crept in.

A Naples, Fla. waitress received a $6,600 tip from her customer, who wanted to help with her tuition at Florida Gulf University. The only problem is, Evana Conover isn't enrolled at FGCU, school officials say.

Conover didn't ask the customer, "Bill," for any money, nor did she admit to lying about going to school in the first place. But everyone got really upset over the allegation that she lied about her education.

"I have no time for people who dont tell the truth, that have no integrity. At this point, she's lost all credibility with me," Bill told ABC-7. Even the local network seemed upset that its reporters had been duped by Conover, using almost every synonym for "fraud" possible without calling the woman a criminal:

Remember the Naples waitress who got a $6,600 tip from a customer this week? It turns out that waitress was less than honest about the situation.

We spoke to the customer and the waitress today. The customer was shocked when he saw our story last night. He is speaking out, because he says he doesn't want anyone else to get scammed.

All the angst began on the day of love, when Bill wrote Conover two checks: one for $600, and another for $6,000 that would go to the school for tuition, the Sun Sentinel reports. But when the school told Bill -- and later, reporters at ABC-7 -- that she wasn't enrolled, he canceled the checks.

Conover says she was enrolled in online classes, and maintains that she told Bill that she didn't want the money. Either way, no crime was committed and everyone's going to be OK.

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