02/24/2014 08:59 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Al Roker, Bill de Blasio Finally Meet Face-To-Face To Discuss Feud

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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio joined Al Roker on Monday's "Today" to discuss their infamous feud.

Roker called out the mayor on Twitter for not closing schools during a snowstorm earlier this month. He added that he forecasted a single term for de Blasio, and though he later apologized for what he called that "below the line" tweet, he stood by his other comments on school closings.

On Monday, Roker and de Blasio wanted viewers to know that they have settled their differences. "We'll get this out of the way," Roker began on Monday. "We had a little chat about school closings and snow, and we both want the best for the school kids... and the city."

"That's right," de Blasio agreed. "And Al, look, I think together letting people know what's going on with the weather, letting people know how they can be safe — that's something we can do together."

He extended an invitation to Roker to ride along with the city's sanitation department the next time workers are deployed to clear snow, and Roker happily accepted.

It is set to snow in New York City later this week, according to weather forecasts. Numerous snowstorms this season have made this winter the fifth-snowiest on record so far.