02/24/2014 01:22 pm ET | Updated Feb 24, 2014

10 Harold Ramis Movies To Help You Remember A Comedy Legend

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Thank Harold Ramis, who died on Monday at the age of 69 due to complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, for the modern comedy landscape. As GQ noted in a piece on Ramis written by Brett Martin in 2009, without Ramis, "there'd be no Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, or Will Ferrell. Without movies like 'Animal House,' 'Caddyshack,' 'Groundhog Day,' and 'Ghostbusters,' millions of line-memorizing men would be deprived of their more cherished dick jokes." Ahead, 10 of Ramis' most significant, funny and altogether perfect comedies.

  • "Animal House" (1978)
    Ramis was a co-writer on "Animal House."
  • "Meatballs" (1979)
    Ramis was a co-writer on "Meatballs."
  • "Caddyshack" (1980)
    Ramis co-wrote and directed "Caddyshack."
  • "Stripes" (1981)
    Ramis made his feature film debut in "Stripes," which he also co-wrote.
  • "National Lampoon's Vacation" (1983)
    Ramis' second directorial effort was "National Lampoon's Vacation," a comedy that spawned three sequels.
  • "Ghostbusters" (1984)
    Ramis co-wrote and co-starred in "Ghostbusters."
  • "Back to School" (1986)
    Ramis co-wrote this Rodney Dangerfield college comedy.
  • "Armed and Dangerous" (1986)
    Ramis co-wrote "Armed and Dangerous."
  • "Groundhog Day" (1993)
    Ramis co-wrote and directed this Bill Murray classic.
  • "Analyze This" (1999)
    Ramis co-wrote and directed this Robert De Niro mob comedy.


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