02/24/2014 02:50 pm ET

The Science Behind Why Sriracha Tastes So Damn Good (VIDEO)

The world is obsessed with sriracha, that much is clear. Between the sriracha sweatshirts, ridiculous sriracha swag on Etsy, sriracha flavored lollipops, and Earth's penchant to put it on everything, we're sriracha'd out. Honestly, we here at HufPost Taste are so over-saturated with the world's sriracha obsession that we were disappointed when sriracha recently won our blind taste test to find the best hot sauce for a Bloody Mary.

But WHY, you ask? WHY is everyone so enamored with this particular hot sauce above all others? Well, now we have a scientific answer, thanks to the latest video from Bytesize Science's Reactions YouTube channel. The science behind why sriracha tastes like sriracha is explained in layman's terms -- check out the video above.

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