02/25/2014 07:20 am ET | Updated Feb 28, 2014

In A Strangely Romantic Gesture, Husband Draws His Wife A Penis A Day For An Entire Year (NSFW)

Update: In a tragic turn of events, the "365DaysofPenises" video was deleted from YouTube. Sigh.

When it comes time to make a romantic gesture for that special someone in your life, some women prefer roses, others have a thing for chocolate. One, it seems, has a soft spot for penis pics, of the handmade variety.

A YouTube user by the name of 365DaysofPenises uploaded a roughly five-minute video displaying 365 penis drawings (one a day) for an entire year. The objets d'art, completed in the medium of white board and red dry erase pen, feature some truly creative imaginings of penile possibilities. There's a barrage of soldiers breaking down a castle fortress with a giant penis, there's a Ziggy Stardust penis and a penis dangling precariously above a blender.

The 365 shades of D are presented in a short video, one by one, to the tune of some very classy muzak.

Whether or not you perceive this amateur artistic endeavor as a romantic gesture, we can't help but agree with Bro Bible in their aesthetic assessment that "every d*ck is a unique butterfly." Thank you 365DaysofPenises, thank you.

h/t Jezebel

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