03/03/2014 07:03 am ET | Updated Mar 13, 2014

7 Cringeworthy Style Trends We'd Love To Forget

Whether you admit it or not, chances are if you lived through the 1970s or 1980s you've probably made some questionable fashion choices. Very questionable.

We're talking the decades when it was all about disco fever and colorful prints, a time when bigger was better, especially when it came to hair. Dig through your old photo albums (remember those?), polaroids, yearbooks and whatnot and you're bound to see a swipe of blue eyeshadow or a seriously heinous haircut.

Though you might feel nostalgic about your Madonna-esque cone bra or have fond memories of your leg warmers and permed hair, it's safe to say some trends are better left buried. We asked our Facebook fans what cringeworthy fashion faux pas they committed in decades past and here's what they 'fessed up to. Shield your eyes, scroll down, and make sure to tell us in comments what trends you totally regret following in your youth:

1) "Monstrous shoulder pads!" said Nadia Ashkenazy-Jones.
joan collins dynasty 1986

2) "Mullet!" said Anna Cornwall.

3)"Tube tops!" said Chris LaPorta.
boob tube 70s

4) "Mini skirts and go-go boots!" said Sandra Kay Prevo Powell.

5) "Teased hair" said Jane Thompson.

6) "Bell bottom Jeans" said Elle Stormfeather.

7) "Wedge haircut!" said Pam Jessurun Williams.
dorothy hamill


Back To School, 70s Style
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