LEGO Characters Reenacting 'Star Wars' Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

03/03/2014 07:32 am ET | Updated Mar 03, 2014

There are few things as overwhelmingly beloved as "Star Wars." The epic space saga involving princesses, rebels, robots and Sith continues to enchant us prequel after sequel -- regardless of the number of Gungan characters present -- so it's difficult to imagine anything as undeniably awesome as the the George Lucas creation.

Enter Vesa Lehtimäki, a clever artist who's not only produced an intricate homage to the "Star Wars" universe, but also proved there's another pop culture phenomenon we can't help but adore: LEGO. Yup, Lehtimäki recreated familiar scenes from Hoth and Endor using LEGO versions of Ewoks, stormtroopers and Jedi. The results are pure magic.

"Photographing toys in general was originally a simple project. I wanted to document our kid's toys before they break, vanish or simply get passed on," Lehtimäki explained to HuffPost. "When I got to the 'Star Wars' action figures, though, my own history as a 'Star Wars' fan kicked in. This simply got out of hand -- but in a good way."

Behold, the "Star Wars"/LEGO mashup you never knew you needed: