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Do You Have A Republican Name?

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Thanks to data from Clarity Campaign Labs, a progressive analytics consulting firm, a quick first name search reveals a name's political popularity among registered voters in the U.S., including how likely a person with that name is to be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party, along with how likely they are to have a gun in their home, attend religious services regularly or have a college degree.

Clarity’s political party model is based on a randomly selected sample of voters from party registration data in multiple states, in addition to hundreds of thousands of interviews from national party self-identification surveys. The average probability from that model for each first name is shown by this tool.

While the top 10 Republican names are all traditionally male names, the top Democratic names, according to Clarity data, typically include more traditionally female names. Clarity also based their results on the frequency of the names in the U.S., so only names that occurred over 10,000 times made the cut. The following are the 10 most Republican names, as provided by Clarity:

1. Tanner


2. Colton


3. Randal


4. Eldon


5. Kent


6. Rex


7. Caleb


8. Randall


9. Bret


10. Bradley


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