03/10/2014 01:03 pm ET | Updated Mar 10, 2014

Illinois Governor Hopeful Bruce Rauner Admits He's The 1 Percent Of The 1 Percent


Republican gubernatorial candidate and Illinois businessman Bruce Rauner wants to set the record straight: He's not just part of the one percent, he's part of the .01 percent.

"Oh I'm probably .01 percent," Rauner said Friday, in an interview with the Chicago-Sun-Times.

The candidate, who is considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination to challenge Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D), has a net worth of close to nearly $1 billion. He made $53 million in 2013 and owns nine homes.

Rauner has put $6 million into his campaign, which is a record for personal funding in an Illinois governors race.

Though Rauner could buy all of the most expensive watches in the world and still have the money to purchase a 10th residence, he chooses to wear an $18 model to signify that he doesn't need to advertise his wealth outside of newspaper interviews.

Recent polling shows Rauner ahead of his Republican rivals for the nomination.

The primary will be held March 18.


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