03/14/2014 09:00 am ET | Updated Mar 14, 2014

Driver Blames Sick Parrot For Cutting Off Cyclist (WATCH)

The reason this driver cut off this cyclist is not readily a-parrot.

But keep watching, and you'll see what might just be the best excuse ever.

This video, originally posted to LiveLeak and picked up by Gawker, shows a U.K. cyclist chase after a man who swerved into his biking lane.

"Can you just give me a bit more room next time?" the cyclist asks.

The driver points to his coat, where the head of a parrot can be seen sticking out. "Sorry, I've got a parrot dyin' on me, so, y'know what I mean?"

"Ok, but..."

"Sorry mate," the driver says, speeding off to get his feathery friend some tweetment.

"Hope it's all right," the cyclist says after the car.

We do too, buddy. We do too.

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