'Let It Go' Video Features 21 Character Voices From Disney, Pixar

03/17/2014 01:49 am ET | Updated Mar 17, 2014

Here's the latest "Let It Go" viral video sensation: Dallas Baptist University student Brian Hull performs the "Frozen" song in the voices of 21 Disney and Pixar characters.

And most of them are spot-on.

Hull told that he did the song as part of a contest to win a $100 Disney gift card, and he almost got cold feet.

The night before I submitted my video, I was having second thoughts about how good it was, so I posted it to my Facebook, just so I could get honest feedback from my friends," he was quoted as saying. "The next thing I know, they shared it over 200 times and now, the video has over a half million views in a day and a half.”

The 22-year-old said he's studying to be a vocal performance major. Looks like he's passed his first big audition.

(h/t i09)

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