03/17/2014 04:50 pm ET

Superman Wears A GoPro, Lets You Fly Through The Air & Fight Crime With The Man Of Steel

Who hasn't imagined themselves donning Superman's cape, getting a running start, blasting off into the air and weaving through city skyscrapers? It's unlikely that you can accomplish the last of those tasks, but you can at least experience the GoPro perspective of the Man of Steel.

The team at Corridor Digital, a small group of sci-fi, action and video game-inspired Internet-video creators, has a lot of awesome videos jam-packed with stunning visual effects, and their most recent does not disappoint. The video was created by using drones and cuts of a dashing Superman look-alike spliced in at the beginning and end. Watch the superhero's journey to return the camera to its rightful owner, finding time in-between to fight some crime and save a life, below.

Superman Through The Years
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